5 Things to Do While Visiting Thailand

The biggest tourist season in Thailand is during the cool season, from November through February. From hectic shopping to relaxing beaches, Thailand seems to have everything a vacation-goer would want. Check out Phuket flights to book your trip to Thailand.

1. Bangkok is the place to visit if you’re not looking for a relaxing vacation. Most visitors to Thailand want to experience Bangkok at least once. Visit the Grand Palace and then take a trip to see the reclining Buddha at Wat Po. Backpack on Khao San and visit the Patpong Night Market for a glimpse of the red light district.

2. Unwind in Chiang Mai and check out temples, cooking schools and places that offer Thai massage. Trek through the mountains or take one of the several trails from Chiang Mai. Head to the small town of Pai to listen to musicians and view the work of talented artists.

3. Some of the best sailing in the world is in Phuket, Thailand. Head to either the northwestern or eastern part of Thailand to cruise around clear water and beautiful beaches. The Phi Phi Islands are among the most visited spots for sailors. Dock at Phi Phi Don to spend an evening dining and shopping.

4. The Floating Market on the Damneon Saduak Canal is a must-see when you visit Thailand. Flag down a narrow boat that’s stocked with produce to make a purchase. While you’re in the area, check out the many orchards and vineyards nearby. View it all via a canal boat ride. Simply book one of several Phuket flights to start your stay in Thailand.

5. The tropical paradise of Railay will make you think that you’ve died and gone to heaven. Located in the southern part of Thailand, Railay has tall cliffs of limestone, white sand and gorgeous turquoise water. Railay is secluded and the only way to get there is by boat. If you don’t want to just sunbathe, you can backpack through thick vegetation or rock climb. Plan to stay on the island longer than you planned. Take a quick trip to Phang Nga, too.

Author: Rosina Hoffman