Three Sisters Mountains in Australia

Three Sisters Mountain is one of the most popular destinations of Blue Mountains National Park, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

They are located near Katoomba, towering over t Jamison Valley , respectively named Meehni (922 meters high), Wimlah (918 m high), and Gunnedoo (906 meters high).

Three Sisters Mountains

The existing spectacular shape of three mountains is due to the erosion of the weather. The soft sandstone floor of the Blue Mountains is easily eroded over time by factors such as wind, rain, the flow … and the cliffs surrounding Jamison Valley are also gradually fractured. Mountains are formed by the phenomenon of water flow through small cracks permeability of the rock, gradually expanded over time to create huge protrusions. Three Sisters Mountain is considered one of the rare places of the world where visitors can enjoy the unforgettable scenery with fresh air of the earth.

According to legend, the Three Sisters Mountains are the embodiment of the three daughters of a sorcerer. To prevent the evil from usurping his beloved daughters, he allowed three girls turned into three mountain rock. They are surrounded by many villages, which makes the scenery become charming than any other place on earth. Three Sisters Mountain is located in the huge cleavage sequence along the east coast of Australia. Three Sisters mountain was first discovered in 1813 and from a wild mountainous region; it became a home of nearly 100 thousand inhabitants. In 2000, the mountain group is recognized as the natural heritage of the world by Culture, Science and Education Organization of the United Nations

When you come to the Three Sisters Mountain, you can see many wildlife and rare species such as the marsupials (mouse and koalas), badger and otter speculum. The unique thing in this population is a track through the mountains. In fact, in 1878, the Australian government built this railroad to serve the coal mining industry, later it was used mainly for purposes of tourism.

For travelers having a trip in one day, they can visit populations by train, if in a long time; they may stay at hotels or motels in the area. The most famous holiday destination of the region is five -star hotels Lilianfels, one of the largest models of motels that are unique in scale and architecture.

Author: Rosina Hoffman